A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a Ludum Dare 45 Jam Game inspired by Untitled Goose Game.

Now playable in Japanese, and on a Mac (controller not supported for Mac)

Supports Mouse+Keyboard, and Xbox Controllers. 

Release 1.4, If you have a track pad, you can use the K and J keys instead of the mouse.

Release 1.4.1, Fixed an bug where I made a big oof, and the mouse inputs were being ignored.

GitHub Repo


Systems Programmer / Technical Artist - Ray Soyama 

Art Lead / Technical Animator - Camden Cecrle

Music / Sound - Alex (Alexzoin) Cecrle


Windows Build 1.4.1
Mac Build 1.4.1


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Nice. ...but you hit 2 pet-peeves. The only reason my hand was on my mouse was for grabbing - this made controls clunky. Also, defaulted to full-screen and no close button. UI is boring, but still important.
Cool game though.