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A game about how I feel

You just kind of do stuff until you win or lose. Then you just do that until you get bored. Think of this as more of an interactive art piece than a "Game"

Your goal is to collect all of the ideas in the level

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AuthorCamden Cecrle


Mediocre Success.zip 108 MB


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A beautiful, polished, meditative experience
It's a small detail, but I love how it subtly drifts to the right position once you're close!

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I had really hoped to play this game when I saw it on the twitch stream. Unfortunately I only have a Mac. Please let me know if you end up making either a web build or a Mac build! Cheers!


What a beautiful game, with a kind of ominous undertone. Especially as you run out of time and the background fades off, then the the blob's details, it's kind of creepy in a good way. The music is really relaxing and I could feel myself zoning out as I moved it around, that was nice.

Sometimes when I was on a roll I'd line up words that were upside down and it'd be great if the text flipped to right-side-up when it does that 'you did it' outlined text version just so I can read the message and try to connect what they all have in common.I did notice toward the end that there was a hidden sidebar with all the words you found but that took me a bit to notice


Super mesmerizing and a fun chill game. Its simplicity gives your mind time to wander and think about the words as you unlock them. Nice!


The aesthetic of this game is on point. I like the mechanic as well. It's simple but compelling.


Beautiful game! Very cool to line up the words and tons of awesome effects. Super cool.


Very cool style and surprisingly compelling to play. Well done!


Well done. Took a long time to figure out the bottom dial represented total words remaining. Getting to the end is nice.


Well done! Makes a statement on how challenging it is to get everything to line up in life