A downloadable game for Windows


Like games? Like having choices? TOO BAD! What you play here is out of control!

Play from a wide variety of minigames and earn points, you have no choice of what you're playing and the game will swap and get more chaotic as time goes on!

Earn the highest score that you can and get your name on the global leaderboard! At the end of games you can pick a nickname and upload your score to our server to show everyone how super mega ultra awesome you are!



Justice Shultz - Programmer, Designer, Tech Artist & Sound Engineer
Twitter, GitHub

Marcel Dao - Programmer
Twitter, GitHub

Carter Patterson - Programmer & Designer

Joey Baleda - Visual Scientist
Twitter, ArtStation

Soreiany Khong - General Prop Modeling

Twitter, ArtStation

Travis Benton - Technical Animator & Particle FX Artist
Twitter, ArtStation

Camden Cecrle - Tech Artist & Micro-Gameplay Programmer
Twitter, ArtStation

Milo Moore - Character & UI Artist
Twitter, ArtStation

Alex Cecrle - Programmer, Gameplay Engineer & Server Technician


Mega Ultra Super Giga Jumbo Huge Epic 282 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file
Unzip the file
Run the .exe

Current Beta build with global leaderboard and more bug fixes:


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looks cool 


interesting visual style!